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Hazman Labs, Inc is a portal project by a librarian, Hazman Aziz, to provide "a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere."

We aimed to build a digital library with features thousands of educational resources. All resources are available for at a affordable rate to anyone around the world.

Over 8 years of experience in implementing library technologies, New Media technologies and advocacy in higher education (particularly in Library & Information Science Industry) and currently, building his knowledge product management and development role in supporting either in sales, adoption, implementing new technologies, rapport and renewals in library science (and education) industry in the Asia Pacific region. 

Currently, he is exploring into digital publishing model, particularly music distribution on various platform and also scientometric area of research. Hazman is  ready to explore for new opportunities - particularly in the area of digital growth. Feel free to contact me at hazman.aziz@hazmanlabs.com. 

You can also visit to Hazman Labs, Inc at http://hazmanlabs.com, where he shares his research and hobbies in his free time. This is not a company, but just social responsibilities that he likes to share with the online community.




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